Mothers, Women of Flint ‘Die’ in Front of City’s Water Treatment Plant

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May 16, 2016

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Mothers, Women of Flint ‘Die’ in Front of City’s Water Treatment Plant

Participants declare plant a crime scene due to harm caused to health, especially reproductive health of current residents and future generations

FLINT – Flint women and mothers gathered on the grounds of the city’s infamous water treatment plant for a ‘die-in’ action to symbolically declare the plant a crime scene. The group of women held the action to highlight how the effects of the water crisis have harmed women due to poisoning by toxins including lead.

Many participants dressed in white painter’s suits with red paint to present a visual representation of the damaged caused to women’s bodies by crisis. While health effects of the crisis on the entire body were recognized, the focus of the action was to bring light on the harms done to the reproductive systems of current Flint women and generations to come.

“We are here to show that Flint women and girls have been harmed for decades to come,” said Desiree Duell, a local artist and Flint Rising activist. “Women are afraid to even think about having children now and many women have lost children because of this crisis. This water plant is now a crime scene because decisions made here have stolen the futures of women and girls in Flint.”

Those participating in the action laid motionless near the entrance in front of the water treatment plant for 20 minutes, 10 minutes for each of the two years residents encountered problems with the water in Flint.

“I shared my story of losing twins during the water crisis because it is essential that people know that this is not a short-term, painless ordeal that we are going through in Flint,” said Nakiya Wakes, a Flint mom and activist with Flint Rising. “I did not find out about the issues with the water until I returned home from the hospital after losing my second twin. That’s not right. No one should have to go through that pain and deceit.”

The action occurred to bring further attention to the ongoing crisis in the city of Flint. Organizers of the event say that the stories of residents are essential and should be centered and uplifted.

“This is a reality that we have to live with every single day,” Duell continued. “It’s absurd that we have to not only deal with the trauma done to our bodies, but we still do not have access to clean, safe drinking water. We need solutions now.”


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