Flint Coalition Launches Website to Share Resident Stories, Drive Action

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News from Flint Rising

May 26, 2016

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Flint Coalition Launches Website to Share Resident Stories, Drive Action
Flint Rising website contains video testimony of those affected by the water crisis and call to action

FLINT – A coalition working to bring support to Flint residents and resolution to the water crisis in the city announced the launch of their website today. Flint Rising – a group of community organizations and state allies working to identify, address, and uplift the needs of the residents left out of the state’s formal, yet inadequate response to the water crisis – made the website live in an effort to dispel any notion that the crisis is over and to have a platform for the stories of Flint residents.

“Flint residents have been ignored and left out of the process since the day we started raising concerns of tainted water more than two years ago,” said Desiree Duell, a local artist and Flint Rising activist. “We were disappointed albeit not surprised when the state’s paltry response exclude many of the impacted folks from the community. That’s why we took the initiative to find out what the needs of our community were, find ways to address the immediate ones, and work to collectively push for swift long-term solutions.”

The coalition has knocked 15,000 doors since the response to the water crisis ramped up, having conversations with residents about their needs, and responding immediately to those with critical needs. Local members of the coalition have also engaged residents around their thoughts on what their demands are to bring resolution to the crisis.

“We’ve held community meetings, knocked thousands of doors, and met face to face with other Flint residents to get authentic community input,” said Sharon Allen with Michigan Faith in Action and Flint Rising. “The website will be a outlet for our stories, our demands to fix this crisis, and a platform for others to get involved with the efforts. Folks are able to watch testimony from residents, stay up to date on latest news from the coalition, connect to Flint Rising’s social media platforms, and get involved and sign on to a petition to demand action.”

After receiving community input, the coalition came up with three demands for representatives in Lansing: Immediate replacement of all damaged service lines with work to be done by Flint residents, 100 percent reimbursement of water bills dating back to April 2014 and the halt of billing until water is deemed safe, and the funding of health and education services for all children, adults, and seniors in the community.

“These are the true demands of the community members we spoke to,” Duell continued. “Visitors to the site will get to learn about what’s actually happening on the ground. I’m sure many will be surprised to see that there’s still a crisis happening in the city of Flint and immediate action is needed now.”

The launch of the website comes after various events and actions were held last week to bring attention to the ongoing crisis and to demand action from elected officials in Lansing. The site can be found at www.flintrising.com


Flint Rising is a coalition of community organizations and allies working to ensure that directly impacted people are building the organizing infrastructure and leadership necessary for this long-haul fight for justice and creating the future that Flint families need and deserve. For more information, please visit www.flintrising.com

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