Summer Assignment from Flint, Thousands of Michiganders: There’s More Work To Do

June 9, 2016 flintrising

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June 9, 2016

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Summer Assignment from Flint, Thousands of Michiganders: There’s More Work To Do
Flint residents, faith leaders, and allied Michiganders gathered at the Capitol to make clear that more funds are needed to fix city’s water crisis

LANSING – More than 6,500 letters from Michiganders have been delivered to state representatives from districts across the state to demand that they take swift and complete action to fix the water crisis in Flint. Flint families and faith leaders were joined by allies from Clean Water Action and residents from across the state Thursday in Lansing to deliver more than 2,100 of those letters to offices of state representatives; Flint Rising and Clean Water Action initially delivered 5,400 letters in May. Faith leaders also gathered in the Capitol Rotunda and held a prayer vigil to remind elected representatives that they have a moral obligation to act swiftly without reservations to fix the man-made water crisis. These actions come a day after legislators finally passed initial relief funds that were introduced in February to help with food, nutrition, and education related to the water crisis.

“While our representatives get ready to leave for their summer break, we want to make sure that they know Flint residents are gearing up for a third summer dealing with this water crisis,” said Pastor Rigel Dawson of North Central Church of Christ inFlint. “It’s good that the legislators passed the initial funding for Flint, but we’re sending them home with a summer assignment: commit and dedicate more funding to bring absolute resolution to the man-made travesty caused mostly by policies created inside the Capitol Building.” 

The Flint Rising Coalition has met and talked with residents from across the city of Flint and created demands for representatives to fix the water crisis: full replacement of all damaged water lines in the city, 100 percent water bill reimbursement dating back to when the water crisis started in 2014, and complete wraparound education and health services for everyone who has been affected by the water crisis.

As the Michigan State Senate and House of Representatives prepare to leave for their summer break, Flint residents are still without access to safe, clean water from the taps in their homes. Many are still experiences adverse health conditions from the water and there’s a general feeling for residents that very little has improved. Michiganders from across the state agree and are urging elected officials in Lansing to fix the problem.

“Clean Water Action members in over 90 state house districts have written, called, and emailed their representatives urging them to pass funding for Flint,” said Sean McBearty, campaign organizer for Clean Water Action. “Our members from across the state stand in solidarity with the people of Flint. Residents need to be made whole with funding for replacement of all damaged pipes, bill reimbursement, and wraparound health and education services.”


Flint Rising is a coalition of community organizations and allies working to ensure that directly impacted people are building the organizing infrastructure and leadership necessary for this long-haul fight for justice and creating the future that Flint families need and deserve. For more information, please visit